Memory Making Date Night Ideas


A simple dinner and a movie can definitely do the trick, but when is the last time you made major memories?

When is the last time you were spontaneous and did a date night that is out of the ordinary? I know it sounds intriguing to kick it up a notch, but you just don’t know how or you may not have many ideas. I got you boo!

If you’re looking for a spiceless, regular-shmegular list. This isn’t for you.


Heard of Netflix and Chill? How about Stargaze and Snuggle!

Think wine, a long night drive outside of city limits where the skyline disappears behind you and the stars seem to twinkle just for the two of you.

In the canyons outside of my hometown, Bakersfield, you can actually see the Milky Way. It’s breathtaking and anything but ordinary. Grab some blankets and snuggle up in the bed of your truck or on the hood of your car with a couple of glasses of wine. Perfect night to sit and reminisce some of your favorite memories together, look up and fall in love all over again. 

If you would classify yourself as a City Girl, this is a must-do experience!


Just a heads up, many of these involve the outdoors, but in a sexy, not sticks-in-your-hair way. Indoors is so… common.

California residents can for sure jump on this idea. Two words: Hot. Springs. 

Drive up north a bit and get steamy. No Hot Springs in your state? Hot Tub will have to do. Believe it or not, hot springs are just as relaxing during summer nights as they are in winter. This is an all year activity! Soak in the springs, breathe in the fresh nature air, and experience something you’ve probably never tried before. It’s all about intimacy (can you say bikini!) and relaxation. Memories will definitely be made on this date night!

giphy (2).gif

Drinking local and specialty beers is becoming a very common hobby so I thought I would add this in. Drive to a local brewery, have a bite to eat and try out all of the selections.

Get familiar with what you like, what you don’t, what you might want to order again and what you wish wasn't on the tab. This *might* be more for you man? BUT we need to serve our men every once in a while by choosing activities they may favor. 

Speaking of favoring activities, hubby may not be the biggest fan of this next one but it's SURE to spice up regular date nights… DANCING LESSONS!

Know how to salsa? No? Perfect. Why dance lessons?? (I suggest salsa!)

  1. Learn how to synchronize bodies

  2. Let him take the lead

  3. Get a little sweaty. 

There will be plenty of bumped foreheads and ear-to-ear smiles along the way. Not to mention you can dominate any upcoming party with pre-practice dance moves. You’ll feel like you’re in a 90’s RomCom and it will be hilariously romantic. Give it a try!

giphy (3).gif

Okay, so maybe you’re not looking for a few ideas that aren’t too adventurous but still special? 

Have you eaten at a Korean BBQ restaurant? They bring you the meat and you cook it at your table! Very fondue style. The flavor is amazing and you’ll be able to say your husband cooked you dinner. Ha!

Boozy Paint Nights!

You get to paint, laugh, mess up, create art and… drink wine! You might not have an easel and canvas set up in your home on a regular basis so this can be an out of the ordinary experience for some. There is an art teacher directing you through the steps of creating a predetermined piece so don’t worry, you don’t need to be Picasso!

Another fun activity you might not have experienced before is horseback riding.

They have this on the beach here in Cali. Yes, you can trot along the coastline, on a horse, in the ocean. It’s amazing. Not by the ocean? I'm sure they have trails close to you. Check Groupon, I always see horseback rides on Groupon! Those paint nights are on there as well. 

I could keep going and going with ideas but I’ll just add a few more on this fun little Date Night Inspo Graphic for you!

Think of any more adventurous, memory-making date nights I should add? Let me know on my Instagram, @Cayla.Craft My current date night is happening right now in France! Chase and I are in Monaco. I will write and tell you all about it in next week’s blog! Talk soon.