IGTV is The New Wave for Success Online!

We talked about how Instagram is changing…. again. (Missed my email yesterday? Sign up for my list on the homepage!) I talked to you about the new standard for content blooming and how I, we, need to jump on the train before it’s miles down the tracks. No one wants to be late to the party. And no one wants to waste day after day posting in a way that won’t be beneficial for the new Instagram algorithm.


1. IGTV is changing everything:

IGTV posts are getting double to quadruple the attention of still photos, and honestly, I'm here for it! Video, Video, Video! Make IGTV videos and make them often.

2. Two Words: Authentic Pictures!

Just rolled out of bed or left the gym all sweaty? No problem! IG is moving from “hire a photographer” to more of “what are you actually going through right this second?” Of course, don’t skip on a good edit!

3. In The Moment.

Make a video. Show yourself in everyday life. Social Media is getting over the "my life is perfect all the time," bug. Tell us (with IGTV!) what you’re learning right now. Give current value, not just value. 

Since IGTV is such a big part of what IG is pushing right now, (and like, 50 of you replied screaming for me to teach you IGTV tips) let’s talk about how we can use this platform to perform.


Sloppy is Not Cute:

Whether you’re recording a workout, teaching session, or try-on haul, don’t forget good lighting (natural light!) and good angles. It may be authentic but it shouldn’t be dim, hard on the eyes, or confusing to follow along with.

Scroll the explorer page for examples. Big brands are already doing this!

Get Creative!

Maybe instead of pushing your video from edge to edge, you pinch it a bit smaller and have a textured background/border? Brand your videos so when people see them they know, “Oh! This is _____, for sure.” Don’t forget to add a small text of @______ on your video if you feel they’ll be reposted!

Meme format is in! This is especially great for teaching or telling a story. Think GaryVee.

You can create this FORMAT by Pinching your video the center of InShot and the adding text above it!

Make sure it IS centered if you’re exporting a story SIZED video. Or you can simply make your video ratio a square and upload the square to IGTV!

Download the Inshot App and save a life. 

Let’s say your brand deals with healthy meals and you happen to be cooking one.

Prop up your phone (or grab a table tripod for $8 on Amazon) and start filming the steps individually. Clip them together with the free InShot App and post a “How To Make a Healthy Apple Pie” video. You can even add text & transitions straight to the video. Then color edit the footage right in the app! Oh, and choose the story ratio size so it fits perfectly!

Remember, authenticity is key. You don’t need to whip out the big camera, edit the video perfectly on your computer, and blah blah blah. Maybe every once in a while if that’s your thing. But the quantity of content is more important right now and you don’t need to be slowed down.




Record vertically to cover the whole screen.

If you record and post it horizontally, others will have the option to turn their phone and make your video fullscreen. This will make the background black when the phone is vertical, but that’s okay! This is a personal preference!

Your video must be 1 minute long to share from IGTV to your Feed.

Always share to your feed.

Aspect Ratio is 9:16 or 1080x1920 - The Inshot App has this option for you so it's simple!

Use Hashtags in your IGTV Caption! They work there too!

Keep a PNG file of your logo on your phone and overlay the picture on top of your video to brand it!


How to Post on IGTV:

1- Click the IGTV icon on your Instagram home screen.

2- Click the + Icon

3- Choose the video you’ve saved to your phone.

4- Choose your cover still, or upload a picture of your own.

5- Add a Hooky Title, and the rest of your caption goes in the description section. Your #Hastags will go here as well. 

6- Make sure the blue “Post A Preview” is toggled on to have this video add to your feed! If you miss this step, you will have to delete the IGTV and reupload, remembering to turn this on. You cannot change this later. I do not suggest posting to IGTV without posting to your feed at this time.

I hope this was helpful!

I can’t wait to see your IGTV posts. Try for 3 times a week to start. I’m seeing a trend of daily videos with well-known Influencers. This will definitely help grow your following as others see:

  • Consistent Value

  • Visual Stimulation

  • Shared Knowledge

  • Getting connected with your voice & facial expressions will cause more people to trust & love you!