The Magic of Ads & Why You Need to Use Them!

Who doesn't want more eyes on their posts and products?
You're doing all of the tips and tricks online, you're posting by the books.

Of course, you're having some growth, but it's not a secret that organic growth is slow.

Anyone is lucky to hit the online lotto and have a post go viral with thousands of people checking out your pages

and following you on socials, but that's few and far in between.

You want REAL growth, REAL engagement and REAL results... like now. 

Have you considered Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 10.01.04 AM.png

2- Know what ads are actually working for your audience.

Knowing how to read the analytics can take some time and training.

But knowing which ads work best for your audience is where Facebook SHINES!

You can add multiple photos, captions, and videos then Facebook will show them to a group of people (your target of course) and create an algorithm specific to your needs!

If you’re looking for people to click over to a lead page or watch a certain length of your video ad, FB will pair the caption and photos that are working the best and create a SUPER AD.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the technical term… that would be cool. This is called Dynamic Creation. This is the only FB and Algorithm you’re ever sure to love.

1- Target the EXACT people you want to speak to.

You thought Hashtags were helping you find specific people? That is but a drop in the ocean my friend.

Have an expensive product so need those who make at least X amount of dollars? Only looking for people that rent apartments? Needing women ages 25-35? Looking for residents of Southern California only?

Facebook knows so much more about you than you realize. It knows your hobbies, interests, things you love and those you don’t prefer. Of course the basics like your age, location, a parent or not, single or not, and so forth and so on. 

The preciseness of ads you can create is astonishing, and game changing.

Push ads to people you know will care!

3- Spend What you want.


People think it takes thousands and thousands of dollars to run ads. You can spend as little as a dollar a day! Of course, the more you spend, the wider the reach and more conversions, but this is all up to your budget.

Pump in $40, see how much it cost per conversion and spend based on how many conversions you need that week or month. A conversion can be to gain an email, have someone visit your website, watch your ad video or even view your Instagram profile.

You can use ads to introduce yourself to cold traffic (people who have never seen or heard of you or your services) and so much more.

4- Retarget.

Did someone visit your Landing page but not actually convert (give you their email)? Retargeting ads are where the money is at! You can see, through the fancy analytics in the Ads Manager, people who have visited but not bought. These people are far more likely to purchase than someone who has never visited to learn more about your product/brand.

Do not neglect to retarget. My team would even say to spend half of your ad budget on retargeting! It’s that important. 

This list is extremely helpful, but in absolutely no way is it all-encompassing. 

Amongst all of the magic of Facebook and IG ads, I have to keep it real…

This not a job for an amateur. I would invest in learning this platform before diving in. Many excited women have thrown away hundreds and thousands of dollars simply because there were targeting wrong or ineffectively. Please do your research, get one-on-one training, or hire out! Hiring out is the easiest. I have a Marketing Director on staff that is working and reworking these at all times. 

Now you know the big secret to multi-million dollar companies. Ads. Go forth and prosper!
XOXO, Cayla