You're Selling The Wrong Way...


Imagine this…

Imagine you're walking through the mall and a woman at a cart selling hair products walks up and tries to hand you a sample. You half-way stop because you don't want to be rude but you don't have time for this and you aren't even sure if you trust this person or product. She starts touching your hair, telling you how dry or frizzy it is and how her cream and specialty flat iron is scientifically proven to give you the hair of your dreams.

"Who is this woman to tell me I'm frizzy and in need of a change?" you think to yourself. "Why is she touching me and getting so close, I don't know her. I wish she'd hush with all these facts, I'm on a mission to hit Victoria Secret". You clear your mind and sneak away Mission Impossible-style.

I have been in the business of sales for 8 years now. This biz has been my bread and butter, catapulting me into a thriving life of comfort, options, and time-freedom.

I'll let you in on my biggest tip for success, I live by it daily. You can quote me on this… I always, always, always say:


“Facts tell and stories sell.”

I love to watch the IG Stories of all the women I follow on my personal and Mommy Millionaire Podcast Instagram account. Powerful, driven and strong women are consistently online talking about their new products. Sharing the great transformations they may bring and the lifestyle that is quick to follow adding these products to one's life. While all this may be true, do you know the difference I see in the woman who has 400 followers and is just starting in sales from the woman with 20k making 10 thousand dollars a month? CONNECTION.

Why do you love watching Kim K, Reality TV Shows or sit through a string of IG stories 14 clicks long? You want to connect.

So I am going to coach you, here and now, on why you need to also live your life as a storyteller, not a fact pusher.

You are largely selling to people you don't know.

You want NEW customers, only problem, they don't know you. You haven't created a special bond with one another yet. You know those mall-cart people we just talked about... you don't want to be them. Storytelling allows you to be a real person with emotions, pains, joys, and experiences that can convince whoever you're trying to sell to that you're telling the truth.

1- Don't state facts, tell them success stories with facts sprinkled in.

2- Show a lot of success pictures, not necessarily product pictures, although they can be sprinkled in.

3- Show yourself using the product. Prove this is something you've completely bought into.

4- Don't just talk about your company or products all the time, you'll sound like a robot. Do you like to swim? Paint? Go to the park with your kids? Are you learning a new language or attending a fun event? SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Kim K (I don't know why she's my only example today, but track with me) doesn't sit online and only speak on her beauty products. Her life isn't one giant commercial as one might think. She loves fashion, so she shows her outfits and her life wearing them. She shows her kiddos and getting ready with makeup artists. She's a whole person online and people love it.

Some of you are living life as if you're constantly in a commercial. Not a good look.

5- Show the nitty-gritty. If you're having an insecure day, a sad day, a confused day, a tiring day, SHOW IT. Let people know you…well. Not fake know you. This is key as you will be tempted to show a false version of yourself. Don’t give in!

There will be times when you’re launching a new product or digital product, where you get the opportunity to be super loud about it for a short period of time. You may have seen me during my loud periods selling the Millionairess Society or the Mastermind. What you don’t say will not get heard. Remember that. You have to say it a lot for people to finally hear what you want them to hear.

Right now I am being super loud about my live event because ticket prices increase tomorrow!


Don't be afraid to hit something hard during a launch. Talk it up! The fact that you haven't been a walking billboard the other 50 weeks out of the year gives you space to step into your Sales Woman pants. Don't be afraid to push hard when you need!

Now go watch your old stories, read your old posts, and evaluate where you need to be connecting!

XOXO, Cayla