My Summer Travel Essentials


Some days I feel my life is like a movie… others, not so much.

There’s nothing more movie-esk than where Chase and I are taking a vacation next week: Monaco! Ocean harbor breeze, old European Architecture and ritzy hotels lining the Mediterranean Sea. YES PLEASE!

Your life can be a movie whether or not you’re flying to Europe. Maybe you are?

Or maybe you’re just hitting your near-by coast with the whole family or taking a solo-dip in your backyard pool. It’s all about mindset. Choose to be relaxed and focus solely on the fun. Here are my Summer Travel Must-Haves!


I'm going to get the the most taboo one out of the way first: My Coffee Enama Gear.

Yes, I’ve started taking Coffee Enemas.

Yes, I love them. No, It’s not weird. No, it doesn’t hurt. I could do a whole blog post on this if you’re interested, but let’s just get to the WHY.

I’m not a scientist so here’s a breakdown of the benefits from MedicalNewsToday: “A compound in coffee called cafestol palmitate is said to stimulate the activity of an enzyme called glutathione S-transferase, which opens up the bile duct in the liver. This helps to release more bile from the liver to break down food components and improve digestion.” Health benefits. Energy benefits.

Now you all know if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, the sun is beautiful, but it’s not my friend! I need that sunscreen, hat, & sunglasses action when taking a step out of the door. If I'm looking for a tan I’ll spray it on! I say no thank you wrinkles, cancer and leathery skin with Beautycounter Sunscreen.


Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist is easy to apply and reapply. You can mist it on top of your makeup and this product is made of minerals so it’s reef friendly, water resistant and just a bomb product all around. Put this in your travel bag, car, purse, and kid’s backpacks. Stash it everywhere!


Isagenix E+ Shots are the #1 product you will see me downing on Socials. I have boxes of E-Shots stacked to the ceiling in my pantry (not exaggerating here) and I love to keep them cold in my fridge. I am addicted to these babies, but it’s totally fine because they’re natural, have plant-based caffeine (absolutely no sugar crash) and are packed with ADAPTOGENS. If you don’t know about adaptogens just stop right now, open a new tab, and google search them!

I have 3 in my purse at all times. You can take multiple a day because its clean, non-crashing energy that only makes you feel amazing and focused.

Wake up, E Shot. Work out, E Shot. Need a nap, E Shot. On my third day of exploring Monaco, E Shot! The only kind of shot you’ll catch me taking!

For this Monaco trip, I can’t forget to pack my Kopari essentials. Coconut! Coconut! Coconut!


I use Kopari’s natural Coconut Deo and their Lip Glossy. I’m all about natural, clean deodorant and I have to keep my lips shinin’ in Europe! Love that this stuff is glossy but not grossy. No one wants lip gloss that is sticky and starts to put that weird taste in your mouth. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Now I need to get packing! Just 6 more days until we board our flight. I just went to the salon yesterday to give my blonde some love and will definitely be hitting the spray tan before I leave. Remember, the sun is not your friend!

Oh, and for any of you wondering, no, the kids won’t be joining in on this one. ;) Adults only time to rest, recharge, but also spend some time getting clear on our goals for the rest of the year and 2020. Are you doing anything special this summer? I know we talked about setting summer standards Monday if you’re apart of my email list! Make sure to join the list if you haven’t already! Value going out Mon, Wed and Fri!

Follow along on my Instagram Stories next week to take a peak at our vacay in beautiful Monaco!