Cheat Sheet: EXACT Videos To Post for Online Growth.

Today I want to give you a really big help for Social Media.

In a recent blog, we've talked about how Instagram favors video, especially IGTV posts to the feed.

Then of course if you're going to make it for IG you might as well dual-purpose the content and post the videos on Facebook and Youtube.

Okay, understood. But you're probably thinking WHAT SHOULD I CREATE A VIDEO ABOUT??

I want to outline some simple and engaging video ideas, and then you can take everything below and work your specific field of business into the mix to tailor it to your needs.

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2- Instructional Videos - The HOW.

This one can be slightly more time consuming but it’s so worth it. There’s a reason you love to scroll videos of women showing you how to apply falsies or blend the perfect contour online. We actually love to learn about things we are interested in, if it is entertaining while being Instructional.

Be that cool teacher and while you show us how to make your shake, do the workout, apply for an FHA Loan, or how to change your money mindset, make it enjoyable to watch. Whether that be a great aesthetic around you, cracking a few jokes, background music or telling a short story. Whatever it is just be you!

3- Story Time Videos

People become famous on Youtube from story times. People are nosey and by nature we want the scoop. Whenever you open up and tell us about your life, thoughts, joys, struggles, funny moments and hard decisions, we get to know who you are.

All of the sudden, you're not just the lady that sells shakes. You actually become (your name) who loves plants and her dogs, volunteers at the shelter, cares about her 2 children, has had a miscarriage and is stronger because of it, is passionate about fitness and hates eating Pickles. Seem silly when I put it that way, but this is where you become an online friend other's can trust.

Side Note: This will also help weed people out who are not your tribe. And that's actually a really great thing. Don’t worry about people who aren’t interested in your story. You aren’t interested in everyone else’s... and that’s okay!

1- Informative Videos- The WHAT

This is where you prop up your phone and record the details of your product.

Think of yourself as a Classroom Teacher, knowing everything there is about what you sell, and you're educating potential customers to understand what it is you have to offer them.

Who was your favorite teacher in high school? I bet he/she was your favorite because they were fun, did more creative projects than essay assignments, maybe they spoke in a way you could understand. They didn’t lag when speaking and took special time and interest in making sure you understood what was being taught. You felt they truly wanted you to succeed.


No one wants to open up your video and feel like they're in a lecture hall... unless that's actually your brand, then go for it, Professor!


Real Estate Agents, show us a walk-thru of every house you're selling or Network Marketers, teach us about why your product changes lives. Fitness Instructors go show us which muscles each work out is targeting and how it's affecting your body. EDUCATE US! Remember, this isn't how this is the what. When people are more informed, they can easily buy-in.

4- Update Videos

Think Informative or Instructional, but new information.

Is there a new, faster, easier or more effective way to apply the face cream you're selling? Show us! A new way to wear the cute jacket you sell in your online boutique? Tell us!

This category also bleeds over into Story Time.

So you've told us the story about how you're trying to get pregnant, now tell us when there's a baby so we can rejoice with you. Or even when the road is becoming a longer journey than expected so we can and love you and lift you up.

The point: Don't drop information one time and then never update your audience! This is how your tribe grows more tight-knit!


BIGGEST TIP: Entertain!

Make content purely for educational and entertainment purposes. People are scrolling because they're bored and looking for that dopamine rush. You don't have to be a comedy show, just make sure you're not talking too slow and lagging in the video. Keep the pace up, put a smile on your face and invite us to do that same. (Unless it's a sad story time, then you do you boo! Be vulnerable.)

Now create a list of video ideas for each category and get to work!

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