Mother's Day Shopping Guide

Mother's Day Shopping Guide

Mother’s Day is approaching fast! *Thanks the Lord for Amazon Prime* Whether you are a mom wanting to drop subtle hints to your hubby, or you have a mom you can’t wait to thanks for years of putting up with your amazing and crazy- this guide is fail-safe! If you are looking for a token of your appreciation to give to any mom, aunt or grandma this Sunday, keep reading…


Financial Blueprint (#51)

I was on Good Morning LaLa Land a few weeks ago and they asked me how you can help someone fix their money mindset. This is so important – this is a question that they SHOULD be talking about in schools!

 So today we’re going to work on your money mindset and you’re going to learn everything you need to know about creating a financial blueprint.

How to Get What You Want (#40)

You have the power to create your thoughts, you have the power to choose what you’re capable of doing, and you can manifest anything you want in life.


You Will Hear About:

[2:30] Creating a healthy relationship with money

[5:00] Why I believe in visualization

[9:00] Stop focusing on what you don’t want  

Resourcefulness (#90)

Today is the time to stop waiting for something to fall into your lap and start making things happen for yourself. I’m going to help you be more resourceful and kick your business into high gear in the holiday season!



Network Marketing saved my life. No, this isn’t some crazy claim to get you to click on my podcast link…

I went from frustrated, broke, mom-away-from-her-newborn-baby working the ER night shift to a Multi-Millionaire spending everyday with my kids, building a great business all because of Network Marketing.

I swear by it. I swear by residual income. I mean, I make money while I sleep! That’s life-changing!

But in order to make all of your dreams a reality with Network Marketing, you have to know how to do it WELL.

Here are a few of my top podcasts where I specifically dish on Network Marketing and how to make it work for you, how to do it well, and I even debunk a few myths about the biz. Please share with any friends or family in the business or maybe looking to start, I’d love to give them that extra encouraging push!


Today I want to talk to you all about how to build an amazing team culture, how to get things done together – and how to have a lot of fun while doing it!

You Will Hear About:

  • [1:10] The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack

  • [3:00] You need to know your people – inside and out of the workplace

  • [7:40] Encouraging collaboration

  • [13:30] Setting up your business like a multi-million dollar CEO

  • [16:50] Provide training for your team


I’m going to talk about why I think network marketing is the best way to fill residual income in your life, the difference between residual income and regular income – and call out all the wannabe entrepreneurs out there!

You Will Hear About:

  • [1:50] What is network marketing & why am I obsessed with it?

  • [9:00] Residual income VS regular income

  • [13:00] Why everyone should have a side hustle

  • [15:30] My best tips for networking marketing


A lot of people are just ignorant about network marketing, so today I want to set the record straight on what it is and isn’t, starting with the big question – is networking marketing a pyramid scheme?



Mommy Millionaire Gift Guide

Hey Mommy Millionaires. 

 I am super stoked to be here with you all. I am an aspiring Mommy Millionaire, wife and mom of two!

Whether you are jet setting, riding in the back of a Lyft to a Christmas Party, lounging on the beach, or sipping coffee hanging with the family, I hope you can find something to gift in this guide. I have created this guide with Cayla and you all in mind!!

 Drum roll; let’s get this party started.

I know we are pushing it with Christmas nearing, so most of these items are found on Amazon Prime aka a girl’s best friend or something you can pick up locally.


the Mixologist.jpg

This bad boy is used for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and acne.

In the 1970’s, European salons discovered the cosmetic and healing benefits that high frequency had on the skin and by 1980, the technology became widely used in North America.  High Frequency causes an immediate circulation rush to the skin, which makes the vessels dilate to push away toxins. The increased blood circulation and cell renewal produces more collagen and elastin. Basically, this tool should be a must in your beauty drawer to use in between facials.

Nespresso Lattissima


Host your next brunch event and serve up a yummy latte bar instead of your traditional cup of coffee.  Have almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, different flavors and spices to top with! BAM, I just helped up level you!

Giving as a gift? Give to someone who loves to entertain as well or someone who loves a good espresso! This baby has it all! Brew your espresso all while your milk is frothing right before your eyes! Also, can we talk about how beautiful this machine looks? So sleek!

Newport Aesthetics Gift Card


Newport Aesthetics is a premier Medical Spa in Newport Beach, CA founded by Dr. Ann MaiM.D. They offer the latest in skin technology including; Botox, fillers, laser treatments, facials, body contouring, laser services and much more. That special lady on your list is sure to find something here! Pick up a gift card and let the professionals decide on what service is needed most.  

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Umm Bristol, did you forget this is a Mommy Millionaire gift guide? NOPE! Do you know someone who blogs? Sits hours while getting their hair and makeup done? They can be relaxing and relieving muscle tightness while working!! This has a built in heat function that provides warmth to muscles to improve blood circulation. Who knows, seeing bloggers in coffee shops with these wrapped around their necks are going to be the thing in 2019! Take care of YOSELF!

The Habit Of Leading Yourself



Do you, or do you know someone who isn’t happy where they are at? Who is in need of a change? Yourself or someone needs a kick in the rear? This guide is your answer! With new challenges every week, you will have everything you need to become unstoppable!


Rent The Runway


Give the gift of fashion.  

Gift a month or two of the unlimited membership.  There are so many perks to RTR. This is awesome for you or someone who attends monthly events, weekly meetings, creates content on a daily basis or someone who just loves fashion. This allows you to try new trends from designers without the commitment and helps you save on dry cleaning because really, who has time to drive to the cleaners anyway?

Bath Soaps and Candles


There’s nothing better than relaxing at the end of a busy millionaire day by taking a bath with some yummy candles burning nearby. Grab a coffee and make a day out of this.  Find your local soap or candle shop and let your nose do the rest. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, you will find something you’ll love!! Start by searching for “handmade soaps near me”.



Thank you babes for taking the time to read this.  I hope these inspire you to win Christmas this year.

XX Bristol

Disneyland Dos and Don'ts

I LOVE Disneyland! The first thing you need to make sure of when you go to Disneyland is that if you want to keep it on the healthy side, you NEED to bring snacks.  Bring a little backpack, I like to bring Isagenix Chocolate Decadents bars, plant thins, and I also made sure to pack some E-Shots for Chase and I.  We also packed in some yummy Coola sunscreen that is spray able for the kids because it makes it so much EASIER and QUICKER to put on! I made sure that everyone was wearing a hat because the sun is just really bright there!

Then the next thing is, once you get into the park, you can get FAST PASSES and this is the way we rode ALL THE RIDES both days.  We didn’t have to wait in line for ONE ride, it is the BEST thing ever.  You can just look on the app and see what times the fast passes are available for.  Unfortunately, you can’t schedule more than one at a time, but you can look and see what would fit in best with your schedule and then go get a fast pass. The first ride that we rode was Pirates of the Caribbean which probably WASN’T the best idea because since it was so dark in there, it scared the heck out of Charlie and even Cooper didn’t like it! But Chase and I thought it was SUPER FUN and so did our three-year old Channing.  He just kept looking for the pirates so we ended up riding that ride a couple of times and NEVER had to wait in line because of the fast passes.  The next ride was Splash Mountain and we thought oh my gosh Charlie is going to LOVE this because she loves to get butterflies in her stomach when I drive fast over bumps! Also, one time she rode this really crazy ride at the fair that she LOVED that dropped really QUICK so we thought that for sure she was going to love Splash Mountain so we put her in the FRONT of the whole entire log, and let me just tell you that that was NOT a good idea. If you decide to go on Splash Mountain, you literally do get soaked no matter what seat you are sitting in, so I would HIGHLY recommend that you do it when it’s either at the END of the day when you’re about to leave or if you do it at the beginning of the day just make sure to bring an EXTRA change of CLOTHES for the kids because they just chafe and all that kind of stuff. We ended up having to buy them NEW clothes so that is something that I definitely would have done DIFFERENTLY! I probably would have brought some cotton shorts for them to change into.  Then we went and got fast passes for Star Tours and it was AMAZING!!

Since the kids wanted pizza, we went to the restaurant in Buzz World.  The kids were so EXCITED to eat pizza and I have to say that the pizza was a 3/10 taste wise and the salad there was a 1/10 taste wise so I DON’T recommend it.  Then we went to the Starbucks and just so you know, that Starbucks was AMAZING.  Then we got the kids churros and I would rate the churros a 10/10, they were so YUMMY. Also, I recommend to get each kid a churro because NO ONE wants to share their churro. Since we were over there we went on Thunder Mountain next and it was so much FUN, it is kind of SCARY but we made it through just fine! Thunder Mountain also has a really COOL little rock wall on the side and the kids really liked to just kind of CHILL there for a second. They played on the wall and just took a MENTAL BREAK from going on so many rides! So, if you are looking for a shaded spot, that would be a great place to hang out at for a little bit. 

Then we made our way over to California Adventure and I just have to say that the food over in California Adventure is SO MUCH better, like 10 times better! We went over to Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and Chase got a tamale, I got steak tacos, and the kids got quesadillas.  We then went and rode Goofy’s Piolet School, and I am telling you right now, just DON’T ride it unless you WANT to get WHIPLASH because it is so JERKY! Like it was fun, but it was so jerky that it actually HURT when you got off the ride. If you are down for that and go to a Chiropractor regularly, then you can get on that ride.  Incredicoaster was so much FUN like I want to go on it all day long, every day, because it was such a freaking BLAST.  Also, right outside of the Incredicoaster, they had the BEST little chocolate chip cookies that are LIFE CHANGING.  So, if you are looking for something sweet you should definitely stop there!  To the right of the Incredicoaster, there were people literally in line for DAYS and we were wondering what the heck are these people in line for and they were in line for some type of ICE CREAM! The line was too long and it was too HOT outside so we did not wait.  Instead, we bribed the kids with cotton candy and everyone was HAPPY! Then we rode Little Mermaid, that was super FUN.  We also went onEVERY single ride in Cars Land because they were all just super ADORABLE and Channing was OBSESSED. 

One other thing was that I was trying to find CUTE shirts for the kids and found NOTHING but luckily my friend Hanneke makes a ton of really cute Disney shirts and let me tell you, they are ADORABLE! So, I have attached the link for you guys to go get your kids some cute Disney shirts before your next family trip to Disneyland. I hope your family LOVES it as much as mine did and I can’t wait to hear all about YOUR experience!

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 9.45.12 AM.png

Pad Thai Rolls

The reason why I created Pad Thai was because it was my FAVORITE thing to eat out!  But since it was so greasy, every time I would eat it, I would get a stomach ache.  So, I wanted to try to figure out a recipe on how to make pad thai HEALTHIER. By doing this I found that when we put it in these little rolls, it makes it so easy for the kids to eat and it is also fun to make with the kids.  

Did you know that During World War Two, Thailand suffered a rice shortage due to the war and floods? In order to reduce domestic rice consumption, the Thai government under Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram promoted eating noodles instead!  I also think this sauce is GREAT because you can store it in your fridge for up to two weeks!  If you don't want to wrap them you can enjoy the filling by itself or just with some lettuce!  Who else LOVES Thai Food!?